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Mar. 6th, 2008

Maria Dragan

I love all kinds of music, but especially the kinds you don't hear all day on the radio. I have a high tolerance for not knowing what lyrics mean. In fact I actually enjoy being surrounded by sights and sounds I don't fully understand. I call it xenomania. On my main blog Run Off I exercise my xenomania by posting a Video Find of the Day every day. Most days it's a music video I found on YouTube that features traditional folk music, with words in a language I don't know. Sometimes I find more one video a day, and it seems a good idea to post one here, especially if it appeals to my Muse, Cindy.

This one does that. She says Ms Dragan's voice tickles her ears. "She looks like I did that time in your sleep when I wore the flowers and I sang with my eyes."

Maria Dragan - Foaie verde bob naut [posted by neculaiMD]

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Feb. 23rd, 2008

Annie Lennox

Cindy, my muse, is very fond of Annie Lennox. I think that's because Ms. Lennox is a very strong personality, and Cindy is a very strong muse, so they have that in common.

I wanted to embed Ms. Lennox's video "Why" here, but embedding was disabled, so here is a snapshot of it. If you click on the snapshot it will take you to the YouTube video. What more could you want?

Cindy says: "She has my eyes, today."

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Feb. 18th, 2008

Amitabha Song

I found this in the course of an attempt elsewhere to document my childhood experiences in Taiwan. It doesn't really help with that, but it's pretty, isn't it?

Cindy: "I starve for colors."

Buddha Amitabha Song

Feb. 17th, 2008

What To Do Here?

I have four personal blogs already, not counting this one, and I'm a team member of two other, one private and one public. I'm also enrolled as an editor on three wikis, having to do with the weekly local paper I write and volunteer for. One of my four personal blogs already receives almost no attention from me. If I treat LiveJournal the way I have treated MySpace, it will be DeadJournal to me. To make it live I have to think of a way to use it that I'm not using the other living blogs.

What I am tentatively going with is a mostly public blog in which I trot out items of interest to my Muse. I will present them with comments from myself together with matching comments from my Muse herself.

Readers of my columns will know that my Muse is Cindy Holly, personal muse of surpassing ageless beauty, Muse of Few Words, Muse of Other. A creature of the imagination, as we all are.

We'll start with this image we found on Wikimedia Commons.

My comment: This is weird. A man wouldn't have himself for a muse. This must be a girl thing. If my muse looks like me and we're kissing and all, aren't we engaging in auto-musification? Would we want to do so publicly? I think not.

Cindy says: "Her muse doesn't look like her. She looks like her muse. It's an option."


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